Thursday, December 20, 2012

Queen of Spades for January 2013 -Goddess M

 "Dominant to white men, submissive to Black Men...that is the way it is in my world."
-Q of S  Goddess M,

For our initial Queen of Spades, Goddess M, no truer words could be spoken. Her view of her world reduced to one sentence, her words serve as a crystal ball shinning a light to illuminate who she is as a woman.

 As this blog will show in Goddess M's and other future interviews, every Queen of Spades has a story; an evolutionary tale of how a decision to be intimate with a black man forever changed her world.  For these women, a passion fueled entanglement of their ivory skin with ebony flesh would end in their discovering the essence of their femininity; an essence tapped into and unleashed from the tip of ebony manhood invading the deepest depths of her womb.

To varying degrees these women are all changed from the experience, what began as a physical attraction transforms within them to an orientation. The lives of some women of course are changed more profoundly than others, the latter extreme of which being best illustrated by our inaugural Queen of Spades, Goddess M, a happily married Floridian whose pursuit of a curiosity culminated in her permanently inscribing the newly discovered essence of her femininity, on the very top of her womb:

 A cautionary tale for white husbands, this is Goddess M's story:

QSD: At what age or time in your life did you realize that you were attracted to black men and why did you feel yourself drawn toward exploring intimacy with a black man?

QGM:I was always attracted to Black Men at a young age, as they always seemed so muscular, athletic and just animalistically masculine to knowing of their legendary cock size, always had me fantasizing. But they were always the "itch that I could not scratch" since I lived pretty much a 'vanilla' life through my first marriage. It wasn't until I met my current hubby a little over 10 years ago that we began to explore making my fantasy becum a reality, as he is as open minded and kinky as I am. I told him I wanted to go Black, and he said let's go for it.

QSD: How did your first black experience come about, and did your first taste of interracial passion live up to what you were hoping for? 
QGM: We met online on a site that hubby found, and arranged to have him over our house. The chemistry was instant, he took me up to the bedroom, we told hubby not to bother us until called. He as tall and muscular with a thick 11" cock that I almost gagged on as I sucked him hard. then he used that huge Black Cock to fuck me deep in my pussy and surprisingly we got it to go deep up my ass very nicely. That was the same night that I realized I never wanted another white cock again. Needless to say, it was more than I was hoping for.

QSD: How soon after the experience did you have the epiphany that you were hooked on Black men sexually and they became a focal point for your intimate desires?
QGM: As mentioned, that very night, although I continued to let hubby fuck me as the only white cock I have ever had since. We've since evolved into a complete cuckold relationship requiring me to take away his penetration privileges. I did it gradually...four years ago denying him anal for good, and
about two years ago denying him my pussy as well. That is the day that I became truly Black Only, and proud of it. 
I then completed his cuckold training and he transitioned to his new service role.

 I believe white men make good pets when properly trained, but are otherwise useless as males sexually. I always say that every Black Cock Slut should have her own white bitchboi.

 -Goddess M has cut her husband off from intercourse for over two years now...

QSD: Why would you say you find yourself so completely drawn towards black men for your sexual fullfillment? Some Qof S's site the color contrast, size, stamina, attitude, taboo, or a belief in Black superiority, what motivates you?

 QGM: All of the above...besides the size, it's the dominant manner and the attitude of the mind fuck.
They believe that a white woman is a virgin until she has had her pussy stretched out by Big Black Cock, no matter how many little whitebois she has fucked.

QSD: You identify yourself as a Queen of Spades, what does that term mean to you?

QGM: It is the 21st century way for a white woman to show the world that she is only interested in Black Men, and that any advance by a whiteboi is a waste of time. I know that the word spade can be a derogatory term, but should not be when taken in this context. After all, it is truly meant as a sign of devotion and affection. I obviously take it very seriously, since I am permanently inked in two nice places as a QoS, and often wear the temporary version in an exposed area, like above my left breast, when going out parties & swing clubs.

QSD: Do you see yourself as an advocate for other white women to go black?

QGM: Oh yes. I believe there are two kinds of white woman today...the ones that admit that they want Big Black Cock, and the ones want it, but won't admit it. They'd all love to be taken Black. So c'mon girls, just do it. Tell the BFs & the hubbies that there's new rules in the house now.

QSD: Why and in what ways do you believe Black men are superior?
QGM:Sexual disposition, sexual performance, sexually equipped...they just have an overall dominant air about them. It's that "I'm here to take your woman, whiteboi" attitude that I love. That is why I always refer to them as REAL men.
 QSD: Yet towards white males you believe yourself as their superior, correct? In another interview you hinted almost in a belief in Female superiority, could you describe for us your views in that regard?
 QGM: Yes. Dominant to white men, submissive to Black Men...that is the way it is in my world. I enjoy being a Cuckoldress. Marriage as it should be...the white male serving his hotwife and her Superior Black lover in every capacity they desire.
 QSD: Several months ago you separated from your husband to live exclusively with a man who assumed the role of your Black Master, was it difficult transitioning into a role where you were more of a 24.7 submissive? What was life like for you in that role and what is your present status?
QGM: That is true, I fulfilled my desire to be Black Owned...another 'itch' that needed to be scratched. Although it didn't work out as I would have liked it, and would like to try it again. It was both difficult & rewarding at the same time. Difficult in that I no longer had an outlet for my FemDom side, but rewarding in nightly sexual satisfaction with a REAL man and his crew. Fucking hot, hung Black Men every night is a tough job, but someone has to do it (wink).We disagreed on one very important aspect of the relationship, so I reluctantly ended it and am back now with the cuckhubby part time, splitting time with him and some of my old crew. I missed having a bitchboi to worship and serve me. After all, I spent a lot of time training him to be a good cuck, so I might as well use him now & then.

QSD: What is the most memorable interracial experience you have had? Also, the greatest fantasy you have but have yet to fulfilled?

QGM: The most memorable had to be the first, since he was everything you could ever want in a BBCstud, and I was lucky to have him take my 'virginity' and convert me. He was tall, a bodybuilder,gorgeous, and had a true thick 11" cock. He was also a great lover as I never thought I would be able to take him anally, but did so with ease...over & over again, by the way. What I didn't mention previously was that we dated and had sex five times when he asked me to leave myhusband and he wanted me to be exclusively his. I was so torn, but the hubby & I had just started swinging and I wasn't the Black Cock Slut that I am today, so couldn't do it and said no. Timing is everything in life, and I never saw him again. So Patrick, if you're out there...I'm ready! Take me! So ironic that THE one I'm looking for was the first one I met.So I guess my greatest fantasy is to have that happen again...only with a different ending

QDS: Celebrity you most want to have sex with?

I have already been with a few black porn studs, but would love to do Sean Michaels, Lexington Steele, Mandingo, Mr. Biggz or Shane Diesel. Have also been with a few football players, both pro & college, including a former Miami Dolphin,

but Dwight Howard looks like he'd be packing huge with that 7' muscular body...that would be hot. No mainstream celebs though...probably too tame for me.

QSD: Had a question  on what I guess could be called "Q of S mating rituals." Do you for example orient your wardrobe in a way to dress in a way that will help get black mens attention-also when you see a black man you are attracted to what kind of body language do you use to indicate to him your interest?      
QSM: Besides wearing revealing dresses that show much more of my hot white skin, as well
the aforementioned temp QoS tattoos, I have several chokers that I wear around  my neck, among them that read "BBC SLUT", "I LUV BLACK" and "FUCK ME"'s
that for body language? And on nights when I wear nothing but a plain little black dress, they know I'm interested just by the look on my face. 
QSD: So what is your relationship status presently and what are your long term goals in the lifestyle of living as a Queen of Spades? 

QGM: Presently I am back doing some of my, if you will. I do BBC parties and am a regular member at a couple of south Florida swing clubs, but do not have a steady now.  I am back with the cuckhubby part time as well, but am open to a LTR with a Superior Black Man.I just plan to continue living this great lifestyle, meeting new friends and hopefully having more relationships.
Who knows...I my even find 'THE' one.
 QSD: Goddess M, thank you so much for being our first interview and sharing so much about your unique type of Queen of Spades lifestyle with us.  Thank you for accepting our crown to reign as our Queen of Spades for the month of January 2013. We hope you enjoy your time on our pedestal. And to those who read this interview and enjoyed it, her Highness would welcome your comments and questions!


  1. I hope more white women see this page and decide to go BLACK ONLY for themselves. And to TRAIN their white boifriends and hubbys to become celibate. AND LIKE IT !:-)

    Thank you Goddess M, for showing the way

  2. This woman is beyond gorgeous...both mentally & physically. To have that kinky Black Only mind to go along with that hot, voluptuous body. She trained her husband and turned him into a bitchboi...what a lucky guy, he should be so honored. To worship and serve her & her black lovers is a cuckold's dream cum true

    I love Goddess M...may all white women follow her lead.

    Where can we see more of her?

  3. I am absolutely rock hard and dripping from just reading this. Can only imagine how hot it would be to just be in this BBC Size Queen's presence...whew!!!

  4. Hi D,

    Goddess M is an amazing Queen of Spades, perhaps the greatest exponent of female submission to Black Male Superiority in the world today. Her ex-hubby is lucky that she still cares enough to grace him with a few crumbs of attention.

    By the way, I posted a picture of my wife's ass after her black lover whipped it, as you requested.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  5. What a great start..her commitment is undeniable, and I love her wardrobe accessories! Sexy and in complete control of her destiny.

  6. that sounds so exciting

  7. My wife and me will go for the same, she had the occasional experience, and now I am looking for a real bull master for her who will go for high sexual engagement and become exclusive and unlimited sexual rights over my wife. She will be also tattoo marked above her pussy as owned by her black bull master.
    I accept extreme cuckolding and I have already no penetrating sex any more with my wife. Who or what can help us to find the black bull master ? It seems very difficult.
    Distance is the biggest handicap,.. I am on lots of sites with the profile name "secretcuck"

  8. No words when it comes to describe my excitement for Goddess M, I'm an old fan and I love watching her doing what she loves.