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Bonus Queen of Spades November 2013- QofS Stacy Nalgona

" It's Black men only for me! I do it for many reasons but the biggest is I LOVE black men! I have a strong attraction to them. Also, I feel a loyalty to them, they have always embraced my curves and my butt. Black men have almost always had nothing but love for me ever since high school, and I have always loved their attentions." 

 -QofS Stacy Nalgona


I am sure all our readers will remember Queen of Spades Stacy Nalgona. Remember...back in high school, the most beautiful girl in the class. The girl all the boys in school wanted to date and all the girls were prone to hate, jealous of the way their boyfriends looked at her when she walked by. Like so many  future Queens of Spades, growing up she was the girl who got her boobs first, her hips first, and her butt first, and hers always looked better than anyone else in school. It was tough being Stacy Nalgona growing up, and she will tell you why.
First, she was constantly having to deal with being hit on by all those boys...
and especially the black boys.
Poor Stacy. She couldn't go anywhere in school without boys eyeballs following her everywhere. She felt like the entire male student body was scheming on how to get inside her panties. A racially diverse school, lust for her crossed all color barriers. While fascinated by the attention that she inspired from her black classmates, she chose to date white boys at first, they were more in her comfort zone. Of course in high school it was only natural when Stacy started dating, and none of her classmates thought anything of it. That is until after one night during a football game in which an older, smooth talking black classmate lured her away from the bleachers...
and into the secluded atmosphere of his car. From there light petting turned into heavy petting and the encounter ended for Stacy with a first. As for the details of that first, we will leave those to the Queen herself. Suffice it say however, when Stacy left her friend's car that night she exited it with one big smile on her face:) 

Unfortunately her smiley face went to a frown face when she went back to the school the following week. She learned her classmates knew all about the favors she had given to a black guy,  and now her peers were referring to her as a "slut." Horrified. she went scrambling back to dating white boys. Image was everything to Stacy in those days, newly developed sexual desires needed to take a back seat to her reputation.
A couple of years later though a fortuitous choice of a summer job led Stacy to frequently interact with NFL football players. She thought all the players were hot, but being away from her peers at school it was the black players to whom she gravitated. And to this young white girl who was all hips and curves, more than a few black players gravitated to her. Soon Stacy was turning her back on those concerns about her reputation, and ultimately would find herself turning her back on those men whose passions for her were not fueled to hardness by African descended blood.

Yes, Stacy soon found herself living what for some white girls would be their greatest dream. She was getting to be a teenage booty call for some of the world's finest black athletes, men young Stacy viewed as super muscular, well hung Ebony Gods. It was in the arms of these All American Athletes that Stacy would find herself, realizing in a way that those men were molding her into becoming something of an All American herself, namely as:

Stacy Nalgona- An All American Girl for All African American Men
In those carefree summers a Queen of Spades was born, a Queen of Spades who we now introduce as a reigning Queen of Spades for November 2013....

QSD: Stacy thank you for agreeing to be our Queen of Spades of the Month. First, at what age or time in your life did you realize that you were attracted to black men and why did you feel yourself drawn toward exploring intimacy with a black man?

QSS:  Wow what a first question! I realized I was attracted to black guys in high school, I had some major crushes on some of the black guys then. I was very intrigued by them, but it wasn't really cool to express that so I suppressed it. I was an early developer (first girl in school to get my period, first to wear a bra) and always had hips and a butt and the black guys would flirt with me and I loved the attention - it was really awesome how much they wanted me, it fed into my sexual desires. I was drawn to them and they were drawn to me I guess!

QSD:  How did your first black experience come about, and did your first taste of interracial passion live up to what you were hoping for?
QSS: My first black experience was in high school with a guy named Juwan. I was a ophomore, he was a sophmore he was a senior. It was during a friday night football game and he persuaded me to leave the game and go elsewhere. We hooked up in his car and I gave him a blowjob. It wasn't my first bj but he was the first guy's cum I ever swallowed. I remember he kept saying, "you white girls love to swallow" so I didn't want to be the first that didn't! 
I don't think I was hoping for anything really. He was cute and fun and I'd imagined him many times in my fantasies and he was looking to hook up with me? I jumped at it. I will say that I remember being mad that I couldn't really see his body or cock that well, but I did love the feel of him!

QSD:  How did your sex life develop after that first experience with a black man?

 QSS: Well after that night he obviously told his friends because by Monday the attention from black guys got even heavier, and it was right around then I was given the horrible 'slut' label. It sucked to be honest, and it really pissed me off, I had hooked up with guys before this but now that it was a black guy I was a slut? So my reaction was to forget about black guys and focus on white guys like a "good" girl. I still hooked up with a few, I couldn't help myself! Juwan's mom worked so after school I would find excuses to stop by his house and we would fool around.

QSD:  Yet at some point you chose to again pursue your interests in black men. How did that happen and why would you say you find yourself so drawn towards black men for your sexual fulfillment?

QSS:  Oh why I am so drawn is always a tough question. First I have a thing for black men, I have always been attracted to them. I also like hanging out with black guys. They are fun!  If I didn't have a definite preference for black men in high school I became positively drawn to black men when I got a job working at a summer training camp for an NFL team. I was in housekeeping and cleaned the team dorms when they were at practice and did other cleaning stuff. (Turn off all the fantasies! No seduced maid porno here! The team had a strict no fraternization rule, we left them alone or could get fired) But I had a troublemaker roommate (she was a going to be a college junior and had worked the training camp before) and she showed me the ropes of how to meet players and get out of the dorm and go to parties. I was breaking rules left and right. I caught the eye of a few of the rookies and after some heavy flirting I hooked up with one them and developed a "booty call" relationship with him. It was a really exciting several weeks. I was 17, he was in his early 20's. It was my first time away from home, I was staying in the support staff dorms. He was getting us into bars and I was hooking up with this really hot guy with an incredible body. I lost my virginity to him. I was in this strange town on my own, hanging out with NFL players. It was very intoxicating. I worked there for 3 summers and each summer I got more adventurous with the players.

QSD: Would you describe yourself as being submissive to black men and if so, why do feel you evolved into feeling submissive towards them?

QSS: In the bedroom I am. I'm not outside of it. I don't think I've evolved, I think I've always been that way. I like to have a guy take me, make me his. I've found that black men love to do this to white
women (or at least its been my experience). 
 Alot of black guys have the attitude that we (white girls) are more than willing to be slutty for them. Well, I fit that stereotype for sure LOL and I like that role.

QSD:  I see that you also have a white husband, could you tell us more about your relationship with him and how the dynamics have developed between the two of you (i.e. swingers, hotwife, cuckold?)

QSS: My husband calls up swingers, but it's just me that plays with others so technically I don't think we are. I consider myself a hotwife, I also think its a fun term. I think its a positive way I think its a positive way to describe me sexually if you can only use one word. Others call my husband a cuckold and I guess in a way he is. I don't belittle him or anything, we pretty much have a normal marriage, except I have sex with other men.

One reason my husband said he wanted to see me with another guy was he was aware of my past wild and sexy days and loved that about me. I'm much more sexual than him so as our marriage developed he said he could tell I was frustrated sexually. I think I was being the good monogamous wife and he was getting frustrated, but who knows, maybe its both. Either way he said he wanted me to be able to do what I wanted sexually, and he really wanted to watch me do it. Now in his grand fantasies he wasn't picturing a black guy so when I told him who i had in mind that threw him out of whack for a bit. I think he felt threatened or something. But we decided to try it and it went well. That night I could see in his face how excited he was. He looked to be in disbelief and other times concerned LOL. Overall he loved it, I loved it, my old friend loved it. That was over 6 years ago and I still see this friend regularly.

How this affects our marriage is overall it's made it better. I tell him everything I am doing or thinking about doing and for the most part we agree. If he is against it, I tend to try to persuade him first but if he won't budge than I move on. I tend to push the envelop he tends to try to get me to settle down. I often joke that he wanted this and he should be careful what he wished for!

We do have one continuous thread that is negative- in this sense we see this lifestyle oppositely- he likes to keep it in the bedroom, I hate hiding it. We go through disagreements about how public I can
be. He is naturally private, I am naturally adventurous and outgoing. My argument is its like high school- people talk; many people know about my adult world past and aren't really shocked when they learn we live this "swinger" lifestyle. His argument is he has a professional job and we have to consider our kids. That does concern me, but for the most part I think we strike a pretty good balance!

QSD: Do you reserve yourself for black men exclusively or are you open to dating men of other races? Also are you bisexual at all, and if so what women are you drawn to?

QSS: First, Its black men only for me! As for women I am "mildly" bisexual but I don't look for a woman as a sole sex partner. I have had sex with women when its been in a group setting with men. I find most women of all races sexy. With men I have many reasons for reserving myself for black men but the biggest is simply I LOVE black men, I have a strong attraction to them. Also, I feel a loyalty to them, they have always embraced my curves and my butt. I've had many white men say horrible things to me v. black men who have almost always had nothing but love for me. Over time I  realized I was living my life like that and then made a conscious decision to be black only. I have been black only (except my hubs) for several years now.


 QSD:  What are some of your favorite ways of pleasuring black men and experiencing sexual pleasure from them (i.e. Do you prefer one on one or groups?; what is your favorite way to receive a black man's seed ounce you have brought him to climax?)

My favorite thing is trying to understand what they like and then try to please them that way. As a regular friend calls me, I am Stacy Nalgona, RWA (Ready Willing and Able!). As for number of partners, I prefer 2 men at once. I think all women should experience it once in their life. There is nothing like getting spit roasted. Once you have two men one seems boring! I love groups too but they are pretty hard to organize in real life. Also you have to be careful with groups, guys can get a little rough trying to "up" each other. All group fun I have ever had that I can think of has been with at least one guy there that I felt would protect me if I needed help. That is REALLY important.  What often happens with a group of guys is after everyone is feeling comfortable one will get rough and then another will want to show he can be rough too. I usually handle it by just joking for them to all settle down and that usually works. If in doggy style its pretty easy to sit back on my butt and make guys off-limits which sends a clear signal. If I'm on my back surrounded by guys its tougher to be in control and there have been times I felt my lines of consent were pushed.So its good to have a girlfriend there to spread out the fun. Oh and I like my black men to cum inside of me the most, but there are plenty who want to cum on a particular body part, and that's fine too!

QSD: What is the most memorable interracial experience you have had? Also, the greatest fantasy you have but have yet to fulfilled?

QSS: Most memorable? Wow, there are so many! My top 5 would be:
  1. When I lost my virginity
  2. A particular private party I did with some NFL players.
  3. After I became a hotwife my BBC friend set up a long weekend in Atlantic City and invited several of his friends. We were having sex in the yard of the beach house and the cops showed up and gave us a ticket for noise, and said we had to take it inside or would be arrested for lewdness!
  4. My BBC friend set me up with a guy who came back from Afghanistan. My friend asked him
    what he wanted most when he got back and his answer was "a big ass white girl with a wet pussy". My friend told him I got the girl for you! and asked me if I was interested. We chatted while he was still over there and I thought who knew this would be my way to support the troops! I think he was one of the most grateful people I ever met! I still see him here and there.
  5. In college I was hired as a stripper for a bachelor party and it turned out to be all black guys except for one white guy and a Puerto Rican guy. That was a fun night!
QSD:  In case they are reading this blog, what celebrity would you most like to hook up with?

QSS: LOL I have always joked I would love to be in a gangbang with the Wu-Tang Clan! Guys are you reading this?!

 QSD: What is your dating status presently and what are your long term goals in the lifestyle of living as a Queen of Spades if you have any?
QSS:I like to say that I'm "retired". I am not actively looking for any new men, the ones I see regularly keep me very satisfied and they are a good referral network! At the same time I have learned never to say never, so who knows!

Queen Stacy, thank you so much for agreeing to reign as a Queen of Spades of the Month for November 2013:)

 Readers- while QofS Stacy Nalgona sits on her throne and cools her heels, she welcomes  your comments and questions!

 And also you can follow our Queen of Spades Stacy on twitter @stacy0nalgona


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  7. More lean, running back and defensive guys. One guy was a wide receiver.

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