Sunday, July 13, 2014

DayLynn-Queen of Spades July 2014

"Before I met my Master, Art, I had NEVER been submissive to anyone, but after a year of learning my place Art collared me for my Christmas gift 2013. Now when I'm in the presence of Master I ALWAYS wear my collar, to show my place, which is where ever Master wishes to place me in all situations. I have learned how great it is to be cared for by my Master."
 -Queen of Spades DayLynn
Hailing from the Sunshine state, Queen of Spades Diaries is proud to present Queen of Spades DayLynn, a woman whose magnificent beauty and dedication to life as a Queen of Spades will undoubtedly serve as an inspirational ray of light for our readers.

The story of QofS DayLynn is one of a woman who always spent life on top in her relationships with men. A woman who learned early on that gorgeous looks combined with a sharp mind and flirtatious personality....
were a means by which she could always get her way.
  QofS DayLynn learned and applied those lessons early in life, beginning from her time of being the  quintessential perky, blonde, high school cheerleader; a time when she had all the boys eating out of the palm of her hand, both white and black. In fact one of the most prominent boyfriends in her life was a strong, black football star who took her under his protection, shielding her from the scorn of white boys and black girls who did not approve...

Attending High School in the deep south, QofS DayLynn loved being the gorgeous blonde cheerleader dating the black football star and all the attention of scorn and envy she received from it.
She loved feeling like she was under his protection and untouchable, how he made her feel like she was his Ivory Princess.
And ultimately it was this relationship which helped mold her into the woman she is today!
Ounce into adulthood she embraced the power of her femininity even further by becoming a professional dominatrix, finding it intoxicating to have attractive, professional men paying her substantial amounts of money to grovel at her feet and do her bidding. Building herself a nest-egg out of the wallets of men whom worshiped her as a Goddess from their knees was both profitable and something she found felt natural.

 Then, as so often happens in life, QofS DayLynn got married to a white man she thought and still thinks is wonderful, and settled into more of a traditional life for awhile. Happy, yet feeling like something was missing sexually, QofS DayLynn and her husband began experimenting in swinging and the hotwife lifestyle...
and in that environment QofS DayLynn found that with black men she especially had a ball.
 Indeed it was QofS DayLynn's growing preference for black men that led her into the arms of her current lover, Art (see left). In his arms however, she found herself experiencing emotions and physical pleasures she never deemed imaginable! From their first encounter she felt a chemistry with him that was absolutely smoldering,
 fueled from his passionate, dominant nature, a dominant nature that she recognized both surpassed and intended to suppress her own. She could tell in Art she had met a man that would  not content himself to be another of her "friends with benefits." No, in him she knew she had met a man that wanted to, and intended to, possess her as his own.

This both scared and excited QofS DayLynn, and despite the  instinctive resistance from her own dominant nature,
She found herself falling for him hard.
and that newly discovered physical needs were keeping her pinned down and unable to resist this new man's advances.
Soon QofS Daylynn found herself in a state of complete surrender underneath her Conqueror's sword. 
 Brought to kneel to a man for the first time in her life, taken captive by a man who was taking her sexuality and tying it up in knots.
 A man who demanded she turn her back on her dominant nature and offer herself in submission to him.
Now our former Domme and still very married white wife, finds herself in a full blown relationship with a new set of rules, namely "Art's rules" (left). How will QofS DayLynn adjust to being in a relationship where she is not the one in control? Well to give a spoiler alert, please ignore the photograph  showing the smile on QofS DayLynn's face and the collar on her neck. In a way it could be said her  life has come full circle, ounce again enjoying the security of living under a black man's protection, but now also-
living life as a black man's possession as well. 
QSD:  Queen DayLynn, thank you for agreeing to be our Queen of Spades of the month. Let's begin: At what age or time in your life did you realize that you were attracted to black men and why did you feel yourself drawn toward exploring intimacy with a black man?

QDL: When I was a teen in high school, I found I enjoyed the attention of my black male classmates. Being a southern country girl from Kentucky my daddy was adamant about me not dating black guys which only made me think they were even sexier.

QSD: How did your first black experience come about, and did your first taste of interracial passion live up to what you were hoping for?

 QDL: I was a cheerleader in high school and we moved from one school to another and I became a cheerleader there as well. I made friends with a football player who was black. We became great friends and I always had friends with benefits. He and I only had a little time here and there so we never had the time for actual sex, but I did enjoy getting on my knees and taking his big black cock in my mouth until he would fill my mouth with loads of cum as I worked to swallow it all! We didn't want others to know so I took it all and licked my lips clean. Our friendship was looked down on and not liked especially by the black girls and they were mean to me but because of my friendship with my black football player they were made to leave me alone. I liked that alot!

Just recently I was asked if I did the blow jobs for protection at school. I would say no but I did enjoy the fact no one was able to touch me without repercussions so maybe I did. All I know is I loved sucking my 1st black cock and taking AND swallowing ALL of his cum...YUM YUM!
 QSD:  How did your sex life develop after that first experience with a black man?

QDL: In my early twenty's my husband played poker one night a week. One poker night he encouraged me to go out and find some fun for myself for the evening. I went to a local water front bar and found the sexist man there and he happened to be a waiter and a black man. I made sure I got his attention, then just asked straight out if he would enjoy me sucking his big cock down my throat, then riding him until he could not cum any more, and oh I was stroking his cock through his work pants. He arranged to have someone fill in for him and we went to my house and I did just that, I sucked his cock for an hour then rode him for two. When he was leaving my husband was coming in so I introduced them and told my husband I had taken him up on his advice to have a good time and the man leaving was the one to share my GOOD TIME.

 After he left I told my husband how much fun it was to fuck my new black friend and how big his cock was. That was my 1st true black fuck!!
My husband and I have spent time as active swingers and I have enjoyed a very active sex life, trying out all forms of sex; girl on girl, men etc..Sometimes I would pick up and take home to fuck as my husband would watch from the closet; Also, sometimes 3-somes we would set up off of swing dating sites (1 other man, my husband and me as it was always about me). I'm the one in my marriage who could never get enough, but I was open to all men not only black men.

"In my marriage with my husband, our sex life has always been all about me"-QofSDayLynn
QSD: Why would you say you find yourself so drawn towards black men for your sexual fulfillment?

QDL:  As a very sexual women like myself, you are told over and over how black men can fuck for hours and how BIG there cocks are. And if you want sex for hours why not just go to the source? Big Black Cock! And YES what is said is all TRUE!

QSD: Would you describe yourself as being submissive to black men and if so, why do feel you evolved into feeling submissive towards them?
QDL: I am a very confident, assertive woman and have ALWAYS been a Top to both women and men! Until I met my Master Art I had NEVER submitted to ANY man, not even my husband of 25 years!

QSD: I know you actually have a black man in your life whom you identify as being your Master? How did the two of you meet and how did the relationship progress to the point where you found yourself identifying him as your Master? I noticed too that you are often seen wearing a collar, is that something he has actually placed on you to signify his ownership of you? How often do you wear it?

QDL: I had taken time away from swinging for a number of years and was ready to get back out there so my husband took it upon himself to place an ad for me on a swingers dating site and Art ( my Master) answered it in January 2013. My husband brought the response to my attention and I called Art because he had left a phone number and we clicked over the phone so we set a date and time for just him and I to meet at a local Hooters.  So we meet, have a drink and let me say I could have laid across the bar table and begged to be taken right then and there because we had that kind of chemistry right from the first! We had to wait that day for sex (damned work, lol). So we set a date to meet within that week and I fucked like I never had been fucked before!
 He was truly a dominant man; he would not allow me to be on top and that is my favorite position, but He had CONTROL. So after the second time we see each other and again another INCREDIBLE orgasmic experience where I totally drenched the bed sheets in the hotel room.
  Art told me that while he loved the sex we had that he was into BDSM and submissive women, and that if we were going to continue to see each other I had to be willing to explore that AND be willing to be a submissive 3-hole slut.. I explained that I had NEVER been submissive to anyone and in fact had been a professional Dominatrix/Domme and that NO ONE had EVER fucked my ass!
 He was very intrigued by that and said that if I was willing to learn, he would be willing to train me and that it was going to be a process; that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. So I agreed to see if he would be able to work on my mind set to see if I was going to bend to the will of the first truly dominant man I had ever encountered. I agreed that we would start my training with the stipulation that I was willing to TRULY learn to be His and His ALONE 3-hole submissive slut. Again I had never held that role and NEVER been taken in all my holes but that was one of the things I was to accept if I was to take Art as my Master. And after a year of learning my place Master collared me for my Christmas gift 2013.
QofS DayLynn learning her place...

Now when I'm in the presence of Master I ALWAYS wear my collar, to show my place, which is where ever Master wishes to place me in all situations. I have learned how great it is to be cared for by my Master. 

 QofS DayLynn- collared to her Master, Art since December 2013.

QSD:  In the D/s lifestyle, having a Master means different things to different people. What does having him as your Master mean to you and how do the dynamics work? Also, I notice too that you have a white husband, how does he fit into the picture (i.e. are you swingers, is he your cuckold? etc...).How has having a Black Master impacted the dynamics of your relationship with your husband, if at all?

In our exchange my Master is a wonderful extension of my sexual education...  
 Master has allowed me to find a new aspect of myself I would never had known anything about being a submissive.

 My Master Art is pushing me to extend all aspects of sexual obedience to my black Master. 
                                             I will do anything he asks or commands. 
 As my Master he exposes me to his will but within his dominance, he is all about my care and happiness;   
                                   that is what makes our sex always so fucking intense!

 Master makes me squirt by just laying his cock on my pussy lips and once he is in me I soak the bed!
The very first time we had sex in his home, Master had to place a vinyl cover on the bed to keep it from being continually wet.
                                      Master has the right to take me any way he sees fit.
                              Each time we are together and i ask him for " More my Master!"
 My husband is a separate entity to this part of my sex life. He is fully aware of our activities yet he is rarely involved.
However when the three of us have gone out together, I introduce my husband and introduce Art as my Master. I see Master 3 or 4 times a month at his home on my own and when I return from Master my husband likes to hear about how I was taken by my BIG BLACK MASTER and cleans my pussy with his great oral talents and then fucks my WELL STRETCHED OUT pussy!

QSD:. Your Master is known for being quite an attractive ladies man, why do you believe he chose you to be in an actual relationship with him as his collared submissive?

QDL: Master likes that I am his virgin submissive. I have never before in any way submitted to any man. And I'm all willing to give to my TRUE DOMINANT MASTER ALL! We have a great connection that makes us keep finding the next aspects of undone fun!

QSD: Do you reserve yourself for black men exclusively or are you open to having sex with men of other races?
QDL: I am whomever and whatever Master deems me and will fuck whomever Master commands me to fuck! 
QSD: What are some of your favorite ways of pleasuring your Master or black men generally and how do you most like to receive sexual pleasure from them (i.e. Do you prefer one on one or groups?; what is your favorite way to receive a black man's seed ounce you have brought him to climax?)

QDL: I love 1st taking Master’s Big Black Cock down my throat as he holds me by my hair and sets the rhythm until he stops me and pulls me under him, places my legs behind my ears and with one thrust I take him to his base (after I have had his cock in my mouth my pussy needs no prep as it is more than ready for Master).

I love carrying Masters cum deep in my pussy for days then having it leak out onto my thighs as I’m going about my day (I never wear panties) and feeling my thighs slick with Masters cum has me stop what I'm doing and go fuck myself with my toys remembering how and when Master last placed his cum in me, and I cum all over again!
  QSD: What is the most memorable interracial experience you have had? Also, the greatest fantasy you have but have yet to fulfilled?
QDL: Master and I went to a very well attended on-premise swing club in Tampa to celebrate His birthday this past May. We went to the Dungeon playroom and Master placed me on the exam table.
 With my feet in the stirrups, Master started fucking me. I am a bit vocal (well maybe loud) so I took no time to gain an audience.
 Master moved to fucking my ass and was performing breath play (choking) at the same time. Mind you we are in the dungeon playroom with all sorts of BDSM equipment, St Andrews cross, spanking bench, restraints, etc and some of the members noticeably gasped at our play as being too extreme.
 Master did not even care or notice as we made some of the swingers super surprised; it was so cool to surprise people in an alternative life style as we made them stand back and see something they had never seen in person before; I loved it!
 Master has given me the fantasy of having two men of his choosing one to settle in my pussy as Master takes my ass and the third to have access to my mouth; that is so naughty for this country southern white girl. Just the thought of it makes me sooo wet and I know it is only a matter of time!
QSD: In case they are reading this blog, what celebrity would you most like to hook up with?

QDL: If I could enjoy a famous man’s bed I think I would choose Michael Irvin as I like the happiness he exudes and WOW, he is BIG in all the things you see! So I would think the things you don't see would be in proportion as well! Yummy!!

QSD: I see you are attending a Cuckold/Hotwife convention this summer, would you like to talk more about the event and what your role in it might be?
 QDL: Yes, my Master and I will be attending the FIRST EVER Lifestyle Convention SPECIFICALLY dedicated to the hotwife lifestyle, the WIFEANDI 2014 HOTWIFE CUCKOLD GANGBANG MFM CONVENTION being held in Kissimmee, FL from July 17-20, 2014.
 Master and His “A Team” will be manning and hosting His Hot Chocolate Parties Club signature “Chocolate Room” Playroom Suite which is designed for couples with hotwives and like-minded single females who enjoy playing with single and/or multiple well-endowed black gentlemen while their hubby’s participate and/or watch. As far as my role in the convention...
                             it will be whatever Master directs me to do.
 QSD: Overall, what is your dating status presently and what are your long term goals in the lifestyle of living as a Queen of Spades if you have any?

QDL: When it comes to dating, I am NOT as Master is in COMPLETE AND TOTAL charge of my foreseeable sex life and I do as my Master sees fit. If Master wishes me to have sex with another it would be a very controlled experience for me as my PUSSY IS OWNED by my MASTER! I have never been happier and would not want to live my life in any other way:)

As we leave Her Majesty Queen of Spades DayLynn on the pedestal built for her by her Master Art, we hope our appreciative readers will pay her homage with their comments and questions!