Saturday, April 19, 2014

Queen of Spades Harmoni Kalifornia

"What I learned from my first experience with a black man was that the thrill lived up to the expectations.  I loved the taste, the thrill of sucking him off and the demanding way he took what he wanted from me.  I loved the passion when I was being taken." 

-QofS Harmoni Kalifornia 

 There is a storm cloud brewing over the internet's Queen of Spades website communities,  one ushered in by a golden lightening bolt in the form of Queen of Spades Harmoni Kalifornia, a woman who will soon be taking the Queens of Spades world by storm.

QofS Harmoni is a tall, statuesque,Ivory Goddess with long. golden locks of blonde hair whose Scandinavian features are cut right out of the female deities found in Norse Mythology. Hailing not from Valhalla, but rather California (with her looks could she have come from any other state?), QofS Harmoni looks perfectly type cast to play the role of the female love interest of Thor, given her own Super Heroine like figure. An actress (of sorts) QofS Harmoni would be the first to tell you she would have had to turn down the part of Thor's love interest should it ever be offered.

Why you might ask? Well, for our model, actress, future webmistress and featured Queen of Spades this month, whenever QofS Harmoni is hired to work on a project she insists on having certain requirements met. Professional requirements which reflect  her "personal preferences."

More specifically, whenever working, QofS Harmoni demands a very specific type of "typecasting" which is necessary for her to stay true to herself personally, and also the parts she plays. Ironically, the result could be said is to leave most men being "blacklisted" from working with her. Because whether on screen professionally or off screen personally, QofS Harmoni will only allow her Goddess-like body to be kissed, touched, and have her legs spread open by black men.

  Now, as the curtain begins to open, readers you are about to read the Hollywood fairytale that is the life of Queen of Spades  Harmony Kalifornia.  A woman who went from traditional wife with a white husband, to a proudly black only hotwife with multiple personal websites (see below) and a future commercial website which will put her in the Pantheon of  Queen of Spades Webmistresses.

Oh and for her new website, Queen Harmoni is very much in need of men to film with, but before you contact her to apply, remember that:

Men of the Caucasian Persuasion need not apply:)
QSD: Queen Harmoni, thank you for agreeing to be one of our featured Queen of Spades. Let's get started. At what age or time in your life did you realize that you were attracted to black men and why did you feel yourself drawn toward exploring intimacy with a black man?

QHK: Well in junior high my first boyfriend ever was black, but to say that is where the exploration started would be a stretch.  My first real inkling I might have a case of BBC fever came to the surface about three years into my current relationship or 2003.  My hubby always played football with a couple of very good looking well hung black men.  I would watch them play their games after work, and I was usually dressed in a professional but sexy manner.

       Out on the town: QofS Harmoni loves going out on dates with her black boyfriends

  One day after a game,  "J" (one of his best friends) complimented my ass.  I could not believe it, as soon as he said those words to me, my pussy started to get wet.  I drove home and thought about those words and his hard body and (I assumed) his big cock. 

QSD: How did your first black experience come about, and did your first taste of interracial passion live up to what you were hoping for?

QHK: When hubby got home after his game, we discussed "J" and his comments toward me.  Heencouraged me to follow up on my feelings and pursue it as far as I wanted.

 They had another game later that week.  After the game, when the team left to get a drink, I loitered around the ballpark and began speaking with "J".  We began discussing what he said about my ass at our last meeting.  I told him I was still wet thinking about it, and I saw an immediate bulge in his shorts.  It looked very, very thick and I must have subconsciously licked my lips, because he looked me in my eyes and very bluntly asked me if I wanted to taste it?  I nodded and we climbed into his car.  I reassured him that my hubby was cool with everything, but at that moment he did not care.  He wanted my mouth on his cock. 
  I gave him one of my best blow jobs ever.  I honestly could not believe it was happening.  It must have been hot for him also, he came in hot jets filling my mouth, but proudly, I got it all.

Most amazing to me, I was the first white girl he had been with. I wanted to fuck him so badly, but we both had places to go.  He promised he would fuck me soon.

I texted hubby that "J" was late because of me.  His reply was a smile to my phone. I went home and  masturbated.

The Next week, hubby had lunch with "J" and made sure his friend of 15 years knew he had his blessing to fuck me!  After that it was only a matter of time, two weeks in fact. 

It was a long two weeks.  We all met at a local strip club, I was dressed like a stripper and when "J" arrived I began giving him my undivided attention.  Soon he was rock hard as I was grinding on him and whispering in his ear how wet my pussy was for his cock.  

I bent down and started sucking him in the strip club, he stopped me and told me we were leaving.  Without a word to my husband "J" and I walked out of the club together. 

I worked his cock all the way to his house.  When we got to his house, I immediately got to my knees to continue sucking his magnificent cock He was about 8 1/2 inches and as thick as my wrist. I got it so hard I could feel it about to explode.  He stopped me from sucking, got me off my knees, bent me over a couch lifted up my skirt and began teasing my pussy with his cock.  I don't know how long he did this, I was begging for his cock and just kept teasing my lips and keeping me bent over the couch with his other hand.  He was just so strong, so powerful, I could do nothing but wait in pleasurable denial until he was ready.

Then without warning "J" plunged his cock into my pussy, causing me to cry out in pain, 
 but he did not care, he just kept forcing his way inside me, stretching my pussy in a way I have never been before.  God he stroked me so hard and long I was actually seeing stars.  Cumming is not a problem with me, I have never had any problems orgasming with my hubby, but again this different.  Finally he grunted and filled my pussy with his cum.
 When he pulled out, I could not move, I was still laying over the back of the couch and his cum began running down my leg.  The thrill lived up to the expectations.  I loved the taste, the thrill of sucking him off and the demanding way he took what he wanted from me.  I loved the passion when I was being taken.  

QSD:How did your sex life develop after your first experience with a black man?

QHK: I immediately cut white men out of my swing list.I wanted BBC only. Soon I had a lover or two in my town and within easy driving distance. I have been married for 13 years and black only for 10 years now (2004 to present) and get to fuck all the beautiful black cock I can find. And to be perfectly honest I have absolutely no interest in white men.I love being with sexy women and will happily share a BBC or a toy with one, however nothing can replace REAL cock between your legs.

QHK: I would describe our relationship as a mix of the above.  I prefer hotwife, but I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy certain cuck aspects of the lifestyle.  Showing off is one of my favorite things to do. I do still allow him inside me when he has been good and I have not had a BBC inside me in a long while.

Having said that, after I have been with one of my lovers I am usually too tired to take another cock.  But sometimes, I let him put it in to feel how wet and warm my pussy is from another cock.  I rarely feel it. 
He actually discovered the QofS tattoo that I have now (above).  I already had a couple of tattoos and we both were turned on by the idea.  I began researching the hotwife lifestyle, bought my first QofS anklet, some temporary tattoos and began trying it out.

QSD: You have a QofS tattoo with a unique design. Could you tell us what prompted you to be marked like that and how you chose that design?

QHK: I owe the creators of the QofS temporary tattoos for the idea of getting permanent ink.  I love both of the temporary styles (and continue to use them both), but I wanted to design my own.  I already have a couple of tattoos, and I wanted some more.  A QofS was a natural addition.
I have always loved the yin yang symbol, and had several pieces of jewelry with that symbol prior to doing anything in the lifestyle.  So, as I was contemplating the design, we found a picture of a heart with the yin-yang sign.  A heart is just a spade flipped, so we flipped it over, inserted the base, and the 'Q's' and voila', an original (I like to think) Queen of Spades tattoo.  I have received a lot of positive feedback, so I think people like it.
QofS Harmoni Kaliforina proudly wears her identity permanently on her back
 QSD: Why would you say you find yourself so drawn towards black men for your sexual fulfillment?
 QHK: Many reasons. The Contrast for one. white skin intertwined with black skin- just looks hot!
 Size, and stamina--I suppose white men can be just as big, and last just as long. I just prefer the look of a Big Black Cock hanging between a man's legs.
 Also Attitude is certainly huge. I  suppose I don't analyze these things very much so I will just say that I love men who can take control of me sexually.
   I seek out BBC that is comfortable being assertive in bed and in public.
QSD: Would you say you feel submissive then, where black men are concerned?
  I don't know if that makes me submissive, because I consider submissives to be meek, and if you have seen me suck a BBC, I like to think I am anything but meek in bed:)
Overall I just really appreciate a well hung black gentleman.

 QSD: What are some of your favorite ways of pleasuring black men and experiencing sexual pleasure from them?

QHK: Creampies are my favorite.I love being filled to the point I am filled to the brim and overflowing with black seed.

Nothing can replace the intimacy of a hot hot one on one encounter.  It’s not emotional in a love way, but can be very emotional in a physical release (I just got completely used and fucked) kind of way.

Don't get me wrong, I love the challenge of taking on two or more cocks but there is so much going on in a multiple partner scenario that you don't get that intimacy.

QSD: What is the most memorable interracial experience you have had? Also, the greatest fantasy you have but have yet to fulfilled?

QHK: One of my hottest experiences involved a miniskirt on a first date.  I was in a dark crowded night club with a new gentleman.  During on of the songs, he bent me over in the club, pushed my skirt up and my thong aside, and slipped his cock into my soaking wet pussy.  He fucked me for almost ten minutes in a crowded corner of a bar.  As people approached or walked by he would slowly slide it out and in of my pussy, but he would never take it all the way out of me, no matter how close they came by. Then we went to the hotel and fucked like crazy!

Fantasy wise, since I have been a hotwife I have been able to live out all my fantasies sexually, so most of my fantasies involve a situation.  My current masturbation material has me at work when a very good looking client comes through the door.  (Idris Elba with a ten inch cock).  I flirt with him all day long while I work, but he ignores me the entire time.

This continues until I am burning with frustration and he leaves.  I hurry to my car to get home to use my dildo or vibrator.  But when I get to my vehicle, there is a note on my windshield it says "Hello Harmoni Kalifornia- I recognized you as soon as I walked in.  I am in room no. 113 at the _____hotel.  
I call hubby tell him I will be home late!
QSD: In case they are reading this blog, what celebrity would you most like to hook up with?

Mr. Marcus, Samantha Sterlyng, Denzel, Idris Elba

QSD: You get alot of interested white male fans that ask you if you have any advice about whether they should get involved with their wives or girlfriends in the BBC lifestyle. Do you have any advice for them?

QHK:  Sure. First thing-How strong is your relationship?
If you are not secure in your relationship then you should not do anything to encourage the black cock behavior.  She will probably love it and want to do it again.  Jealousy is the killer, and while you may be excited thinking about seeing her fucking another man, are you fully prepared to see her lose herself in pleasure that you can’t give her…EVER.

Second-  Can you adapt? Once you understand how much pleasure she gets from black cock and your inadequacies, how are you going to keep her interested in you.  I suggest you do the following, pamper her, buy her clothes she looks nice in for her dates, help her get ready for her dates.  Make sure she understands that you are fully supportive in every way.

 Ultimately you will have to accept your lower place in the sexual hierarchy, but make it your commitment to be the best at everything else she needs.

QSD: What is your dating status presently and what are your long term goals in the lifestyle of living as a Queen of Spades if you have any?

I am presently open to dating well hung black men.  My long term and short term goals are currently the same.  Besides fucking as much BBC as I can, they include launching and maintaining a high quality profitable hotwife, interracial, cuckold, and possibly dominatrix site(s).

Finally, HarmoniKalifornia.XXX is soon opening for business!  I may be interested in men to film with so if you are BLACK, in shape, have at least 8 or more inches of black dick and you are not camera shy, let me know. I am always looking for new BLACK cock. You must be willing to appear on film. No money will exchange hands whatsoever, this is strictly a modeling gig guys!

  To all the wannabe cucks and sissyboys. I appreciate all of you. Keep enjoying my fun and trying to find your own Queen. Hope you will consider joining my site and because so many of you boys have asked you can get your Online Queen something here:

Queen of Spades Harmoni, thank you so much for this interview and good luck with your site! Readers, please leave this amazing Queen your comments and questions!